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Building Paradise Out of Hell

An excerpt from Dr. Alexandre’s 2020 Commencement speech delivered to the Graduating Class of the PhD in Leadership and Change Program. I take the title

"Giving Grief Meaning" Author photo

Giving Grief Meaning

On the night of July 29, 2009, “all semblance of order ceased” for Lily Dulan ’03, ’06 (Antioch Los Angeles, MFA in Creative Writing and

Mark Fargo on a motorcycle

Mark Fargo: A Poet on the Road

Mark Fargo ’10 (Antioch Santa Barbara, MA in Education, Leadership & Social Justice) rides a motorcycle, but he has no interest in Harley Davidsons or

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A Story in One Picture

LA rainbow of Hope and Promise hovering over a child on her bike near The Fountain of Lights. Artist, photographer, and documentarian Andy Snow ’05 (Midwest,

Chancellor’s Message

In a year gripped by an enduring and deadly plague, racial injustice, social upheaval, monstrous wildfires, and staggering unemployment, our faith in our future can