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A Champion for Peace

For decades, José Ramos-Horta labored for the freedom of his country. His journey led to the UN, to Antioch, and even to the Nobel Peace Prize. Nothing was as good as going home.

Four Antiochian Poet Laureates

When Grace Cavalieri taught at Antioch-Columbia in the early ’70s, it was a heady time to be a poet, and to be a part of Antioch. This campus—centered in the newly-opened, planned community of Columbia, situated between Baltimore and Washington, DC—had been proposed in 1969 and opened its doors in 1970…

Connections Beyond Graduation

Students studying in Antioch’s PhD in Leadership and Change are encouraged to form friendships and connections with their peers. In part this is good practice for developing leaders…

Antioch’s Showbiz-to-Psychology Pipeline

Your first session with a new therapist. They call you into the office. You take a seat on the couch and mentally prepare to process life’s challenges—all the while thinking, in the back of your mind, This person looks familiar. Only in LA, right?Well, no…

Helping Overcome Addiction

Across the country, Antioch alums are finding and creating different roles to accomplish the common goal of helping people in their moments of need.

Featured Artist: Asata Radcliff

Last year, the writer and artist Asata Radcliffe ‘08 (Antioch Los Angeles, MFA in Creative Writing) created a “living installation” of a hurt that does not end. This haunting eulogy, titled “A Slower Ontology,” was told through fuchsia and purple light…

Shay Stewart-Bouley: Straight No Chaser

A conversation with Shay Stewart-Bouley ’06 (Antioch New England, MEd in Administration and Supervision) reminds me of that Thelonious Monk tune, “Straight No Chaser”—if there is one thing you can be sure of, it’s that she’ll let you know exactly where she stands…

Radical Hope

I hoped we would be together today to send you off from Yellow Springs one last time.
I hoped that things would be so different by now.
THAT’s today’s theme. HOPE.


By App or By Internship

It’s the rare student enters a program with the specific intention to build a brand new nonprofit…

Life at 280 MPH

To say that Julie Nataas ’18, an Indiana-based NHRA Top Alcohol Dragster driver, leads a busy life, would be an understatement…

Sharing Antiochian Stories

The Seed Field Podcast—a new platform for Antiochians to share knowledge, stories, and justice-related work…

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Since our founding 1852, Antioch University has remained on the forefront of social justice, inclusion, and equality – regardless of ethnicity, gender, creed, orientation, focus of study, or ability.

Antiochians actively reflect these shared values to inspire positive change in the world. Common Thread is where we document the stories that showcase our communities actions, so the change we work for can be shared widely.  

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