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Becoming a National University

Between 1964 and 1975, Antioch grew from having one campus in Yellow Springs, Ohio to having more than forty separate campuses, centers, clusters, and circuits spread across the United States and beyond.

Two Decades of Leadership and Change

“Would it be possible to create a low-residency doctoral program?” The idea was enticing. It would allow leaders from all across the country and internationally to enroll, studying at a distance and then gathering four times a year for in-person residencies.

A blue, black, and white illustration of people marching for peace and the environment.

Bringing Antioch to New England

As the 1960s began, Antioch College was one thing only: a small liberal-arts college with a single campus founded in Yellow Springs, Ohio, in 1852. But some of the faculty had larger ambitions…

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The FBI’s Plot to Discredit Antioch

In the late ’60s, J. Edgar Hoover signed off on a plan to infiltrate Antioch University, spy on its alumni, and use this intel to discredit Antioch in the eyes of the public. A decade later, documents describing this plot came to Antioch’s president—only to end up hidden deep in an archive.

Woodcut of Antioch College

A Portfolio of Early Antioch Images

Antioch University was established in 1852 in Yellow Springs, Ohio. From the start it has worked to live up to its founding principles of equity and social justice. Originally serving solely undergraduates, until 1978 it was known as Antioch College.

Claudia J. Ford ’86, ’15 (Antioch College, MBA in Health Administration and Antioch New England, PhD in Environmental Studies)

Quilting a Community of Hope and Justice

I call Claudia J. Ford ’86, ’15 (Antioch College, MBA) in Health Administration and Antioch New England, PhD in Environmental Studies) on a weekday morning. The first thing that strikes me is the calm, silky timbre of her voice.


A Message from the Chancellor

Welcome to this special history edition of the Antioch Alumni Magazine. It has been said that no business survives over the long term without reinventing itself—repeatedly. Over its long history, Antioch has certainly proven this true.

Artist Page – Marietta Leis

“We need beauty. it helps us make sense of our world,” says the multidisciplinary artist Marietta Patricia Leis ’72, ’75 (Antioch Los Angeles, BA in Psychology, MA in Clinical Psychology).

A Call For Dissent

Today, I want to call upon you to dissent. To engage in principled insubordination against injustice…

Poachers Threaten Red Wolf Survival

“The current population is extremely small and vulnerable, and it only takes one poacher to kill a red wolf,” says Suzanne Agan ’20 (Antioch New England, PhD in Environmental Studies).